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How We Support And Engage With Our Students

Technology is rapidly transforming industries around the world, and education is no exception. Today, educational information is available at one’s fingertips through the internet and more people than ever before have to opportunity to access learning opportunities. 

Online learning allows students to control when and where they study, giving them the flexibility to fit their learning around their career or lifestyle. It has enabled new ways of communication for students, as they can now share their experiences and collaborate on group projects with peers all over the world. Learners can access course materials and resources whenever they like and study at their own pace. 

At Further Learning Group, we offer formal learning through accredited home study courses. These online courses maintain the same level and quality of support as classroom-based learning. Our tutors play a pivotal role in providing this level of support, as they are the main point of contact between students and their academies.

Remote tutoring

Remote tutoring allows real-time feedback and communication between tutors and students. This supports students through their learning journey, helping them to learn new skills and achieve their potential.

One of the biggest challenges with remote tutoring is being able to meet the needs of all learners, as each student has unique learning preferences and competencies. The personalised support which a remote tutor provides can increase student engagement and motivation, while creating a safe communication channel between tutors and students.

While online learning gives students the power to control their learning experience, it can sometimes feel like a solitary journey. Remote tutors play a vital role in maintaining student engagement by understanding learning styles and keeping an effective line of communication open with students.  

Remote tutoring in Further Learning Group

Our tutors are industry professionals with significant experience in their fields and they have detailed portfolios of their work which showcase their accomplishments. 

As remote tutors, they must have expertise in the subject they are teaching and also have an understanding of how students learn and how to relate to them. 

We provide an extensive internal training programme for all our tutors at Further Learning Group. This training is essential for our tutors to become familiar with the learning environment and tutoring methods. 

To further develop our tutors’ skills and knowledge, they are also encouraged to take part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We believe it is essential that tutors keep up to date with new trends and current developments in all industries. 

Communication and relationship building

One of the advantages of online learning is that it allows for instant, worldwide communication. However, at times it can be isolating for both tutors and students. It is for this reason we strive for constant peer-to-peer, student-to-tutor and student-to-academy communication.  

We aspire for our students to form relationships and connections with each other, as well as with their tutors. Therefore, at Further Learning Group, we offer our students multiple ways to communicate and interact with their academies and tutors. Here are some examples:

Online Learning Centre

Our students can contact their tutor at any time through the Online Learning Centre. Their tutor will respond to them as soon as possible or within a maximum of 48 hours. 

Students can also interact with each other and with their tutors through the Student Forum on the Online Learning Centre. There they can post questions or share content related to their assignments. This forum is a valuable communication tool and is monitored by the tutors, who can answer any student inquiries.

Formative feedback

Formative feedback is detailed feedback provided by a tutor about a student’s work. Tutors highlight areas where students have done well, along with areas where they can improve, enabling students to learn from their tutor’s experience and expertise.

Once a student receives formative feedback, they have the option to take this feedback into consideration, revise their work and submit it again.

Face-to-face sessions

Our BTEC Higher National students are offered video tutorials with their tutor. This can be a one-to-one tutorial, or a group tutorial with a maximum of four students. This is an excellent opportunity to meet ‘face-to-face’ and discuss any queries about assignments in more detail. 

These sessions are a great way for students to connect with their tutor and with other students in the same course. The sessions give students the opportunity to have a more personalised experience and get insights not only from their tutors, but also from their peers who might be facing the same challenges. 

Facebook Student Groups

At Further Learning Group, we view our social media channels as another way to support our students. Facebook Student Groups are an extension of the Online Learning Centre, where students can showcase their own work and share constructive feedback with each other, and this can be an inspirational communication channel for our students. Our Facebook Student Groups aim to create a sense of community within our students and help them understand they are not alone in this academic journey. 

These communities are closed and monitored, which makes it a safe space for learners or alumni to share their ideas, thoughts or work developed outside the course, etc. They are also places where students can share achievements, awards or recognitions with a wider community of students, graduates and tutors from their field of study. 

Our students can interact with each other and with our academies in a more personalised way than ever before. We believe that being approachable, available and responsive is essential in providing effective support during the online learning journey. 

If students feel they are part of a community and feel supported by their tutors, they are more likely to remain motivated in achieving their goals. It is our goal to empower our students to follow their passions, by challenging ourselves to find new ways to provide accessible quality learning worldwide.

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