Over the last decade, Further Learning has grown to encompass several international academies offering a variety of fully accredited classroom-based and home study courses to students around the world.



• Ireland Launch
• Interior Design


• Garden Design


• UK Launch


• Photography
• Pearson BTEC Approval


• Australia Launch
• Digital Marketing
• Fashion Design


• Porto Launch
10,000 Student


• Chester University Partnership
20,000 Student

Witnessing our students’ achievements is inspiring, and so in turn we are inspired to continue to work together to make our high-quality learning innovative, accessible, and affordable.



Joaquim Cruz

Joaquim is passionate about finance and has extensive experience working in multinational environments where he has led transformational projects and helped set up projects in new geographies, building success stories from the ground up. He believes education is the best tool to bring about the change we want to see in our lives and societies.

Jane Gregory

Jane has over 25 years’ experience in marketing leadership roles both in the USA and Ireland. Her category experience includes finance, CPG, gaming, education, auto and government sectors. She is passionate about building personalised customer experiences that leverage data analytic insights and world-class creative design.

Myles O’Reilly

Myles provides strategic leadership to the Further Learning Group as chairman and was the CEO until 2020. Throughout his career he has championed custom software solutions that enhance the education experience. Myles has a Masters in Education from Trinity College Dublin.

Mark Cummins

Mark has over 15 years’ sales experience with extensive management and training expertise. Having worked primarily in the IT industry, Mark is passionate about the rewarding world of education and is focused on delivering the best possible customer experience.

Ciarda Barrett
Ciarda Barrett

Ciarda is the Chief Learning Officer with Further Learning and has been with the company since its foundation. She is an education management professional with over a decade of senior management experience. Ciarda successfully led the academic team in its various accreditation and partnership journeys by developing hobbyist courses into robust academic programmes, and is still smiling!

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Further Learning Group has a deep and abiding commitment to its social responsibilities referring to the social, economic, and environmental impacts of its organization’s activities on a diverse group of stakeholders.

The Further Learning Group is guided by a set of values that are the basis for its development and positioning. We believe in working hard to transform lives by making learning accessible to all. Flexible study paths allow students to learn at their own pace and offer education to a diverse range of students from multiple backgrounds, anywhere in the world.

We work to maintain and defend fair and transparent relationships with our partners, employees, customers, the community and the environment.

What we believe

Further Learning Group believes that all should be treated equally, regardless of our race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or another status. We are committed to enabling learners and employees to pursue individual aspirations, personal development, and progression.

We aspire for everyone to be their authentic selves in the workplace and for everyone’s voice to be heard.

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